Eric Blot | violinmaker

Eric Blot was born in Paris on the 10th of January 1955. He obtained his high school diploma (“Baccalauréat”) in France. In 1974, he moved to Cremona to attend the School of Violin Making. Four years later, he returned to Paris to perfection in instrument restoration at several noted violin makers’ workshops, restoring and constructing new instruments. In 1981, he established himself in Perugia (Italy) where he worked for several years, restoring instruments for local musicians as well as for musicians coming from Florence, Rome and Paris. Thanks to the experience gained in those years with numerous Italian instruments that he had the opportunity to see in his workshop, he elaborated the project of writing a book, that was then realized. He has now settled his activity in Cremona. His passion for Italian violin making, particularly the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s, brought him to undertake an important research that resulted in the publication of the 4 volumes “Liuteria Italiana”, as well as several contributions to catalogues of violin making exhibitions and other publications relative to violin making. Research carries on with determination – now dedicated to Neapolitan violin making – that will soon concretizes itself with the publication of the 5th volume part of “Liuteria Italiana”. Some time ago, he created a small publishing house specialized in publications about violin making. Eric Blot also releases certificates of authenticity (on instruments of the 1800s and 1900s) that are appreciated on an international level. He held several conferences for violin makers’ associations in France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Sweden. In the course of his career, Eric has restored important classical instruments made by violin makers of the 1600s, 1800s, and 1900s, owned by Italian and foreign musicians. Apart from the activities of restoration and expertise of Italian instruments, he has constructed new violins, violas and cellos, well appreciated on the international market. At the VSA competition of 2000, one of his violin received an award for “sound”.

Luisa Falliva

Was born in Cremona. Eric's partner and mother of their children. She has been at his side since Paris and Perugia times. She hold everithing toghether. She is head of back office. She coordinates appointments and paperwork.

Cecilia Meazzini

was born in Milan. She studied Science of Cultural Heritage. She worked for an insurance office before coming here. She is organized and meticulous to a fault and that comes in handy because she heads the book shop. Shipping handling, customs slips, insurance matters.

Antonella Massera

was born in Cremona. After finishing her studies in Philosophy she ended up working in a bookshop in Cremona. Since 2002 she has started to be Eric's assistant. She coordinates instruments and clients, certificates and deadline, travels and mishaps.

Mael Blot

VIOLIN MAKER | Son of master maker Eric Blot, has started with passion his father’s profession who carefully guides him in the world of the construction of stringed instruments, noble activity - as well as complicated in all its aspects. Since 2006, Mael has been creating instruments based on traditional and unsurpassed Stradivari models, attentively following the handicraft criteria observed in his father’s workshop. Mael started his apprenticeship with Master Massimo Negroni and is now frequenting with assiduity Master Giò Batta Morassi’s workshop, a major figure in the violin making activity in Cremona.

Barthélemy Garnier

RESTORER | was born in Morocco in 1980; he completed his studies in sciences in Normandy and later started studies in jurisprudence. After two years, his interest towards the violin making world became a concrete reality. He followed his passion and started apprenticing. He moved to Cremona where he attended the International School of Violin Making, graduating in 2005 under the guidance of teacher Giorgio Scolari. After finishing the school, he worked as apprentice with Mr. Scolari. He then concentrated his work on the construction of new and baroque instruments following the traditional Cremonese methods. Since April 2009, he has been working in Eric Blot’s workshop, specializing in instrument restoration activities.