Eric Blot | violinmaker

Another exceptional exhibition that was held in 2008 in Cremona, and Eric Blot is proud to have been in the “Scientific Committee.” The period 1730-1750 was an important one for the story of the classical period of the Cremonese violinmaking. Instruments by Antonio Stradivari, Francesco Stradivari, Carlo Bergonzi and Giuseppe Guarneri “Del Gesu” , all of this specific period, are illustrated in the book; that is a “must have” for all the violin lovers. Published by the “Consorzio Liutai Antonio Stradivari Cremona” and “Fondazione Antonio Stradivari Cremona – La triennial”.

IMG_1454-e1616748837899.jpg IMG_8629-e1616748850996.jpg IMG_8648-e1616748865274.jpg