Eric Blot | violinmaker

Violin makers who have worked in this region which includes towns like, Bologna, Modena, Reggio-Emilia, Cesena, Ravenna…
In the book, we can see instruments pictures of the following violin-makers (in chronogical order of apparition) :Raffaele Fiorini, Armando Monterumici, Augusto Pollastri, Gaetano Pollastri, Otello Bignami, Alberto Guerra, Giuseppe Fiorini, Ansaldo Poggi, Pietro Messori, Romolo Parmeggiani, Primo Contavalli, Carlo Carletti, Natale Carletti, Orfeo Carletti, Ettore Soffritti, Anselmo Gotti, Ernesto Pevere, Gaetano Pareschi, Pietro Borghi, Giuseppe Lucci, Giuseppe Stefanini, Gaetano Sgarabotto, Pietro Sgarabotto, Sesto Rocchi, Marino Capicchioni, Arturo Fracassi.This books, first of the series Liuteria Italiana, has been out of print for a long time. To answer to numerous requests, we decided that a new edition was necessary (the first edition was in 1994). This new reprint needed noteworthy additions also due to the importance of some of its protagonists. Therefore this new edition includes photograph of additional instruments in the last pages of the book (in alphabetical order) as well as correction of the dates particularly in the list of the makers, but the original text has not been touched.We added pictures of important authors that were in the first edition:
Otello Bignami, Marino Capicchioni, Carlo Carletti, Giuseppe Fiorini, Raffaele Fiorini, Arturo Fracassi, Anselmo Gotti, Alberto Guerra, Pietro Messori, Armando Monterumici, Gaetano Pareschi, Romolo Parmeggiani, Ernesto Pevere, Ansaldo Poggi, Augusto Pollastri, Gaetano Pollastri, Gaetano Sgarabotto, Ettore Soffritti.We insert pictures of new violinmakers:
Giovanni Cavani, Vincenzo Cavani, Orsolo Gotti, Dante and Alfredo Guastalla, Giuseppe Lepri, Antonio Sgarbi, Amedeo Simonazzi, Luigi Soffritti, Raffaele Vaccari.

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