Eric Blot | violinmaker

This long awaited volume is the result of lengthy research in the archives of Piedmont and surrounding areas. It contains lots of new information and previously unpublished dates, and thus enriches our understanding of these makers in this area. This volume includes important chapters on:

A broad and chronological view on Piedmontese violin making and its main protagonists.

The surprising presence of French violin makers in Turin at the beginning of the 19th century., a presence which allows a more complete understanding of the history of Piedmontese violin making.

The life of Giovanni Francesco Pressenda.

The life of Giuseppe Rocca.

The Guadagnini family after Giovanni Battista’s death.

The following violin makers are represented with more than 100 instruments photos: Alessandro d’Espines, Gaetano II Guadagnini, Felice Guadagnini, Giovanni Francesco Pressenda, Pierre Pacherel, Giuseppe Rocca, Antonio Guadagnini, Melegari brothers , Enrico Clodoveo Melegari, Giorgio Gatti, Benedetto Gioffredo said “Rinaldi”, Enrico Marchetti, Carlo Oddone, Evasio Emilio Guerra, Annibale Fagnola, Riccardo Genovese, Romano Marengo “Rinaldi”, Vittorio Edoardo Marchetti, Francesco Guadagnini, Paolo Guadagnini, Plinio Michetti, Carlo Colombo Bruno, Piero Gallinotti.

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