Eric Blot | violinmaker

Giovanni ROSSI (Perugia-Pavia) 19th century violin.

Although we do not have biographical information of Giovanni Rossi, we do know some of his instruments. He was a pupil and assistant to Pietro Pallotta of Perugia. On several instruments dated between 1817 and 1825, we find a label with the inscription, ‘Pietro Pallotta Perugino (from Perugia) and Giovanni Rossi pupil.’ So indeed it seems he assisted Pallotta at the end of his career. After Pallotta’s death, it is thought that Rossi went to Pavia where his son Enrico (1848-?) became a luthier. The latter also had a son who became a luthier, Guglielmo (1875-1949). We know of instruments of both his son and grandson. It is not known when Giovanni died, as he has not been found in the city’s ecclesiastical archives. The scroll may not be original, but still this violin exemplifies the craftsmanship of 19th-century Italian violin making, and its sound quality meets the discerning standards of refined players. Above all, this is a rare example of this maker’s production.

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